04.02.2019 | Category : Products

1/4" mini fine-tooth ratchets

Tiny spaces need great tools.

The STAHLWILLE family of fine-tooth ratchets continues to grow: with the 1/4" 418QR mini fine-tooth ratchet and the 1/4" 418B mini fine-tooth bit ratchet.

  • Space-saving. Perfectly suited for tight spaces where manageability and efficiency are essential requirements. The mini bit ratchet features a slim, compact shape without a 2-component grip and the special STAHLWILLE mechanism with 80 teeth. This guarantees a tiny ratchet angle of only 4.5°.
  • Eight teeth. And as you work, no less than eight teeth are engaging simultaneously. Despite the compact dimensions, this enables extremely high power transmission without damaging the mechanical systems.
  • Ergonomically designed. Even without the 2-component grip, the mini fine-tooth ratchets with their steel handles are safe and comfortable to hold, ensuring strain-free working.


The QuickRelease safety lock enables rapid tool changes with the mini fine-tooth ratchet 418QR and secures them reliably during work operations.

Feinzahnknarren mit acht Zähnen

In contrast to conventional fine-tooth ratchets, no less than eight teeth engage at once here, ensuring maximum load capacity and, at the same time, smooth action and durability.

Miniknarren mit Stahlgriff

With a length of only 9 cm, the mini ratchets with steel handles are the perfect companion in particularly tight spaces and allow a working angle of only 4.5 degrees.


FOD compliant. The preferred choice in safety-relevant fields such as aerospace, thanks to the screwless design.