The interconnected dimension of handtools.

STAHLWILLE’s DAPTIQ is leading the way: DAPTIQ products can not only communicate with other DAPTIQ products, they also communicate with the controlling and monitoring systems in their specified work environment.


Innovation with added value:
Torquing solutions

As one of the very first tool manufacturers in Europe, STAHLWILLE realised how important controlled tightening was and applied itself to developing sophisticated, ground-breaking solutions in the field of torquing technology.

Our uncompromising customer focus, skilled consultancy services and innovative ideas have made STAHLWILLE a highly appreciated innovative partner in the field of torque applications. Leading industrial enterprises place their confidence in STAHLWILLE's capabilities.

Bespoke is better:
Tool solutions

During work, every action has to be an accurate one and tidiness and discipline are the key to efficiency and safety. To ensure that every tool is always stored where you expect to find it, there are the Tool Control System (TCS) tool inlays.

They provide excellent protection, easy removal and enhanced safety – a quick glance at the tray shows the user instantly if everything is where it should be.

Customising at the next level:
As individual as required

A global need for tool control systems has developed as a result of lean manufacturing initiatives and safety requirements, such as the prevention of FOD (foreign object damage) in aerospace manufacturing and MRO operations.

STAHLWILLE Tools LLC has been providing bespoke tool control solutions, manufactured completely to customers’ specific requirements. Multi-user kits, personal tool kits, fly-away kits. General kits, specialist kits, line maintenance kits and much more.

360° torquing technology:

  • Many years of innovation in torquing technology
  • Comprehensive process know-how
  • Pace-setting torque tools
  • Inspection, calibrating and reference products
  • In-house accredited DAkkS testing laboratory
  • Understanding of tomorrow's energy needs

Your individual tool solutions:

  • Standardised analytical and optimisation processes determine the exact tool that is required
  • STAHLWILLE develops the perfect storage solution
  • The tool set is optimised in terms of space requirements, overview and weight
  • Precautions against incorrect storage and mislaid tools
  • Where necessary, we can include tools made by other manufacturers

The complete solution.

  • Multiple tool storage options.
  • In-house design team.
  • On-site tool profiling service.
  • Bespoke Tool Control System (TCS) foams.
  • Customs cabinets and trolleys, manufactured to customer specification.

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