At the heart of Germany's tool-making trade

One company - one key to success

This claim is central to STAHLWILLE's message. Literally. It is the commitment we make to our customers.

In making this claim, STAHLWILLE focuses on the benefit to the customer because we want them to be able to use tried-and-tested, perfect tools, every time. Tools that are more durable, stronger – and, as a result, more economical.

By the way: STAHLWILLE products are exclusively made in German production facilities. Our entire range of tightening tools is manufactured throughout the production process, from the forging blank through to the finished product, in our own production facilities. We place emphasis on ecological compatibility and protection of our environment.

Contributing to efficient business success using high-grade tools, guaranteeing reliability and accuracy, maintaining close proximity to the customer – this is only possible by applying decades of experience, human candidness and confidence in each other.

We hope you will take our slogan "Key to success" the way it is meant: more than just an advertising slogan, a lot more …