12.02.2019 | Category : Products

Non-sparking tools

Safety in explosive hazard zones


Wherever easily flammable or combustible vapours, liquids or dusts can be found, the use of non-sparking tools is highly recommended. The reason is simply that these zones are potentially explosive atmospheres.

These zones can be found in many companies, because easily inflammable aerosols, liquids and dusts are not only found on drilling rigs, in refineries, in the transport or chemicals industries, but also in areas that are not initially associated with combustibles – from large bakeries to fertiliser or adhesive manufacturers and paintshops.

Tools made of conventional steels can trigger chain reactions – if they are used for striking actions, or break apart or are simply dropped. In all these cases, there is a danger of sparking.

Using non-sparking STAHLWILLE tools is a crucial contributing factor in preventing this danger.

All the non-sparking tools offered by STAHLWILLE are produced in Germany and meet the highest demands in terms of processing quality, service life and ergonomics.

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