STAHLWILLE seal of quality

And that you may count on

Ecologically Forged And Finished in Germany

STAHLWILLE handtools are designed on the basis that they are an extension to your hand. This is how intelligent designs that can deal with considerable loads, provide easy and safe handling and a high degree of reliability are created.

STAHLWILLE tools are the perfect choice because they are built with practical application in mind. These tools are stronger, last longer and are, as a result, more economical - added value for the customer.

Throughout the production process, we place emphasis on ecological compatibility and protection of our environment. Raw materials from local sources and shorter transport distances for their delivery are essential. And that's not all:  STAHLWILLE products are exclusively made in German production facilities.

Our entire range of tightening tools is manufactured throughout the production process, from the forging blank through to the finished product, in our own production facilities.

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001

After receiving certification in 1990 - one of the first companies anywhere to receive EN ISO 9002 certification - STAHLWILLE's Quality Assurance System was then certified in 1992 to DIN EN ISO 9001.

This is how a combination spanner takes shape

Special forging techniques give the already high-grade steel the ideal molecular structure. STAHLWILLE's rounded finish gives the smooth finishing touches to the tool surface making it skin-friendly and easy to hold.

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