03.04.2019 | Category : Press

STAHLWILLE is already focussing on the assembly needs of the future

Wuppertal, 08.10.2018

Networking and digitalisation are the key topics uppermost in everyone's minds when it comes to automating production and assembly activities. However, customer-orientated solutions and implementation strategies are often nowhere in sight. At MOTEK, STAHLWILLE, the handtool and torque tool specialist from Germany, is presenting appropriate solutions under its new DAPTIQ® label.

Under the DAPTIQ® label, STAHLWILLE draws together its integration-capable, smart factory products – such as the electromechanical angle-controlled torque wrench equipped with a wireless module, MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ® and a fully automatic calibrating unit that is integrated seamlessly into computer-aided quality systems (CAQ), perfectControl DAPTIQ®. One thing all the DAPTIQ® tools have in common is that they can be integrated into the user's system environment, exchange data bidirectionally, receive instructions and carry them out – whether through cable connections or WiFi.

How this can be put into practice is demonstrated by STAHLWILLE at the MOTEK exhibition by means of a mixed-reality application: the central system guides the user through a typical predefined workflow involving a complex sequence of fasteners on an engine block. With the aid of the AR visor, the user sees immediately where the next fastener to be tightened is located.

The fastener is then tightened with the MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ®, which is fed the data settings for each fastener in real time, and the user sees the data live in the visor. As well as the current fastener, the system also shows the fasteners still to be processed and those already tightened on the workpiece. Thanks to this smart worker guidance system, induction into using the system is quick and the risk of error low, while efficiency, productivity and safety increase.

The fully automatic calibration device, perfectControl DAPTIQ®, can also be integrated, and identifies the torque wrench to be calibrated by means of RFID. The appropriate data record is then automatically transmitted by the CAQ system to the TORKMASTER software, supplied with the tool. All the necessary settings are automatically made. This not only saves time, but also guarantees adherence to inspection and calibrating intervals, among other benefits.

As one would expect, STAHLWILLE will support and advise interested parties through to successful implementation. "With our integration-capable DAPTIQ® products, we are providing customers with a full range of tools that will enable them to take full advantage of the potential efficiency inherent in networked production environments", enthuses David Schoenen, Head of Product Management at STAHLWILLE.

Find out more about these and other products at the STAHLWILLE stand at MOTEK: Hall 5, Stand 5428.