30.01.2023 | Category : Products

The STAHLWILLE QuickRelease fine tooth ratchet

STAHLWILLE fine tooth ratchets with QuickRelease have a working angle of just 4.5° and, with their well-engineered mechanism and 80 teeth, offer a particularly high load capacity - for a noticeable increase in efficiency, safety, and freedom of movement. They are available in the standard drive sizes 1/4", 3/8", and 1/2". In addition, they are available with a 2-component handle, a slim steel handle, an extra-long handle, and a short-handle (for particularly tight spaces).

With the STAHLWILLE QuickRelease locking system, every part, from the extension and universal joint, to the socket is locked securely in place – what’s more, we do this without making the tools any bigger than their standard counterparts. So, QuickRelease also protects against accidental loss of any of the connected parts.

What makes our fine tooth ratchets so special?

  1. Efficient: 80 teeth allow for a working angle of just 4.5° – allowing you to work efficiently, even in the tightest spaces.

  2. FOD preventative: Ideal for safety-relevant sectors such as aviation, thanks to the screwless design.

  3. Safe: The QuickRelease technology prevents accidental tool loss, e.g. sockets, and makes it possible to change tools quickly.

  4. Smooth: Exceptionally smooth movement, even when high torques are applied - thanks to the perfectly mounted, durable and precise mechanism.

  5. Compact: Also available with a particularly slim steel handle because in tight spaces, every millimetre counts.