12.02.2019 | Category : Products

QuickRelease fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchets

The system that turns heads.

In launching its new generation of fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchets, STAHLWILLE is introducing efficiency and ergonomics into every installation space. The completely redesigned 416QR, 452QR and 517QR ratchets can be swivelled through a total of 90° with intermediate locking positions, which makes them adaptable to every individual fastener – ideal for round-the-corner fastener tightening. The flexible-joint head uses the same simple operation as the normal QuickRelease, which involves pressing the green button. As one would expect, all the models incorporate STAHLWILLE's own 80-tooth ratchet mechanism, which withstands high loads and provides a tiny ratchet angle of only 4.5°.

QuickRelease fine-tooth flexible-joint ratchet

  • Swivels through a total of 90° with intermediate locking positions (straight, 30° up, 60° up, 30° down)
  • Eighty teeth provide a tight ratchet angle of only 4.5° – facilitating precision working in confined spaces
  • Unrivalled smooth action, even when applying high torques – thanks to the precision engineered bearing and resilient mechanisms
  • Fast, easy operation thanks to the intuitive, uniform operating concept: all function buttons are coloured in highly visible green
  • QuickRelease safety lock prevents inadvertent release of insert tools
  • The FOD preventive, screwless design makes these tools the preferred choice for safety relevant fields such as aviation
  • Ergonomically designed 2-component handle promotes strain-free work
  • All three drive sizes (1/4", 3/8", 1/2") available
  • Durable premium quality – »Made in Germany«.

In contrast to conventional fine-tooth ratchets, no less than eight teeth engage at once here, ensuring maximum load capacity and, at the same time, smooth action and durability.

The QuickRelease technology ensures tools cannot be inadvertently lost – while enabling rapid, safe tool changes.