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Overview of our market: Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the most technically demanding industries in the world. Materials that are tough to machine and specifications that are extremely precise make a highly capable tool-making partner essential to get aerospace components built the way they have to be. Comprehensive tool solutions for the manufacture of such aerospace components as airframes, landing gear and engines are just a few of the strategic objectives of STAHLWILLE. This does not only involve producing carefully conceived standard products and special-purpose tools, it also requires machining capability.

Manufacturing solutions

The properties inherent in many of the materials required for aerospace components generate their own special machining problems. It was to address these specific tasks that STAHLWILLE founded a special-purpose research centre to concentrate on development work in the field of tool geometries.

A further area of research is in materials for aerospace constructions where the focus is on compound materials, their composition and their machining properties.

Strategic partnerships

Through close partnerships and cooperation with STAHLWILLE, our customers have direct access to the research centre and can benefit from its support, which means an increase in productivity and reductions in the costs of the manufacturing process.

Central aspects:

  • Reduction in downtimes
  • Optimised cutting process
  • Optimised final results in terms of surface quality, tolerances and quality

Tailored tool solutions

In the field of technology, STAHLWILLE has been able to compile valuable skills in the processing of aerospace components. Partnerships with leading universities and research centres around the world give STAHLWILLE insight into state-of-the-art machining and shaping technologies.

The result is numerous tools for use in connection with aerospace components made of high tensile strength steels, heat-resistant alloys, compound and compound-layer materials.

As a consequence of the broad range of requirements in the processing of aerospace components, STAHLWILLE works closely in a partner-like relationship with every customer to develop optimised tool solutions for every single application.