For premium results in the hands of professionals

STAHLWILLE tools are to be found in many fields. In energy generation, in transport, in aerospace and in industry. In fact, wherever safety, accuracy and speed are required.

Developed according to the principle that we are an extension of our customers' workbench, this is how intelligent designs that can deal with considerable loads, provide easy and safe handling and a high degree of reliability are created. STAHLWILLE tools are the perfect choice because they are built with practical application in mind. These tools are stronger, last longer and are, as a result, more economical - added value for the customer.


Overview of our market: Aerospace

The aerospace industry is one of the most technically demanding industries in the world. Materials that are tough to machine and specifications that are extremely precise make a highly capable tool-making partner essential to get the components built the way they have to be.

Comprehensive tool solutions for the manufacture of such aerospace components as airframes, landing gear and engines are just a few of the strategic objectives of STAHLWILLE.


Overview of our market: Power generation

Tools for the energy generating industry require attention to complex ideas in other dimensions.

For years, STAHLWILLE tools have had an excellent reputation among experts both at home and abroad. They understand that safety and ease of use are guaranteed. And place their confidence in us.


Overview of our market: Transport

In the field of transport, STAHLWILLE develops complete kits of special-purpose tools together with leading vehicle manufacturers – guarantees for mobility worldwide. In motorsports as well – a field that has always been a test bed for new ideas – STAHLWILLE has a long tradition of professional involvement. Whether it is in Formula One, the Superbike world championships or the 24-hour Nürburgring races: As technical sponsors, we and our tools are at the very heart of the action - gathering valuable ideas to assist in the further development and design of our tools.

Trades & industry

Overview of our market: Trades and industry

Whenever safety, precision and speed are required, STAHLWILLE tools are there. Because the result is more than the sum of its parts: carefully crafted designs, high-grade materials, sophisticated workmanship and dependable quality.