Where there's a Wille ...

STAHLWILLE's history

The founder Eduard Wille
The first staff
Administration and production around 1935

... we've come a long way

1862 - The first generation

The company is founded (efficient drop-forge) by Eduard Wille (age 25) - products: pokers and fire-tongs - conversion to tool forge - factory space 150 m² - products: various forged steel tools.

1899 - The second generation

The company is taken on by the founder's sons, Emil and Eduard Wille.


The tool catalogue already covers 290 pages and includes 150 product families - products: including special-purpose tools for engineering, ship-building, repair work, metalworking, forging, coachwork and the entire sector of metal and machine-building.

Up to 1914

The Wille brothers already employ 500 staff and 25 trainees. Approx. 80% of all products made are exported, mainly to European countries.

1938 - The third generation

The company is taken on by Eduard and Waldemar Wille, brothers, and grandchildren of the founder. They employ a staff of around 400.

After 1955

The family business expands moderately. The multilingual catalogue contains around 3,000 different tools. Adaptation of design, production, distribution and administration to the requirements of a changing, expanding market.

Historic main building
Administration building


Joint stock company limited by shares all owned by the family, similar to a German "Aktiengesellschaft" (AG.):
Management is by independent experts not related to the family
Checks and balances are applied by the advisory board.
Employees: over 600 (STAHLWILLE Group)

Export share, worldwide:
over 60% to more than 90 countries.

Wholly-owned distributors.

3 different production locations, all in Germany.

10 complex product groups of hand and special-purpose tools
all to renowned STAHLWILLE quality standards

Target groups are: industry, automotive, aerospace.
Close cooperation with vehicle manufacturers & aerospace manufacturers.

Certified as the first company in the handtool industry
to DIN EN ISO 9001.

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